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FLEAS (please read before booking)

Fleas are with us all the year round now milder weather and home heating allows them to breed throughout the year. PLEASE don’t tell us your cat has never had fleas.  If you don’t treat with a yearly injection from your Vet or a 30-60 day spot on also from your Vet, then your cat WILL have fleas even if you don’t see them.

Fleas can jump over 14 feet; they feel the warmth of a cat and will jump to infest it.  Other cats, foxes and rabbits can send their fleas to your cat if unprotected. Fleas are also the carrier for Tapeworms eggs, which can be caught by humans.

Cats can tolerate fleas in small numbers quite well without showing signs, but then it can get so bad the cat is anaemic. The cats come to the Cattery and we see the specks of flea droppings when shed by the cat  - this is your cats’ blood, that’s what fleas live on.

PLEASE treat your cat with a reputable treatment before they come to us.  Vets will sell you the treatments, which last a lot longer than those bought at a pet shop or supermarket.

One more thing...Fleas DON’T breed on your cat, they breed in your home, down the sides of skirting boards and soft furnishings. The eggs are laid, hatch and then go back on your cat, and so the cycle is never ending unless treated. If you discover fleas on your cat, treating the cat alone will not solve the problem. You need to treat your house as well.

 Please help us keep our Cattery flea free, for the enjoyment of all who visit.


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